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Protect cats and dogs with Bolfo®

There are no fleas (or ticks!) on us!

22. May 2006
The Bolfo<sup>®</sup> collar protects dogs against fleas and ticksThe Bolfo® collar protects dogs against fleas and ticks

Nuremberg / Leverkusen – Summer, sun and cool fresh water – just right for jumping into! The jump of a flea into your pet’s fur is less fun, though. Tick and flea bites not only cause skin irritation and allergies, but can also transmit diseases. “If you find fleas on your pet, it’s probably just the tip of the iceberg,” says Anna Nowak, a parasites expert at Bayer HealthCare. In fact, only about 10 percent of the flea population inhabits the animal, while the rest can be found in the vicinity of the pet’s basket, in nooks and crannies and on cushions – indeed anywhere where our four-legged friends like spending time. To make sure that this situation does not arise in the first place, Bayer HealthCare has developed the Bolfo® automatic spray, which provides six months’ protection against the tiny blood-suckers. For those whose pets already have fleas, Bayer HealthCare’s researchers recommends Bolfo® environmental spray. This product has a rapid and effective acute action.

Once fleas have started to spread in the fur itself, the only thing that can help is a bath. While enjoyment may be the main priority for the pet’s owner when taking a bath, dogs primarily derive practical benefits from a good wash. After being washed with Bolfo® flea protection shampoo, the pet’s fur will not only be free from fleas and lice; the scrubbing also helps to look after the coat. At any rate, the itching will have gone!

The versatility of the Bolfo® product range is also demonstrated by the Bolfo® collar, which protects dogs against ticks. Its efficacy has also been confirmed by independent institutes which conduct regular checks of the antitick product in the interest of consumer transparency. These checks conform the high quality of the Bolfo® collar, an evergreen among antiparasite products.

“The active ingredient in our collars protects dogs and cats against dangerous tick bites for up to ten weeks,” explains Dr. Barbara Schäfer, a veterinarian at Bayer HealthCare. The collar also protects against fleas for four months. Bolfo® cat collars also feature a predetermined breaking point to ensure that cats cannot become entangled while climbing.

Ticks are vectors of infectious diseases. They can infect their hosts with bacteria, viruses and blood parasites. For example, ticks can transmit Lyme disease, a dangerous disease that can cause paralysis of the extremities and painful joint inflammation in both humans and animals. Meningitis (spring-summer encephalitis), the well-known disease that can take a fatal course in some cases, is also transmitted by ticks.

“Experts believe that the risk of contracting infectious diseases as a result of a tick bite has risen dramatically in the past ten years. That’s why it’s more important than ever before to protect our four-legged friends against tick bites as well,” advises Dr. Barbara Schäfer. For more information on antitick and antiflea products, consult your specialist pet shop.

Leverkusen,  May 11, 2006

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