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Rompun: Easy access to safer treatment.

Rompun: 20-year track record as sedative/anaesthetic - from Bayer research. Rompun (Xylazine) is an alpha-2 receptor agonist which acts as:

  • sedative
  • analgesic
  • anaesthetic
  • central muscle relaxant

The anti-anxiety, sedative and analgetic effects are doserelated and produced even at lower dosage levels. The effects may be prolonged by further administration.

Safety first - every way you look at it.

As alpha-2 agonist, Rompun can be used for deep sedation and analgesia, facilitating the handling of aggressive or nervous animals, reducing physical stress and risk to both animal and practitioner.
Rompun is also useful during surgery - both minor and major - alone or in combination, for reducing stress and pain, or as part of anaesthesia management.

Ease of administration through wide choice of options for individual cases.

Depending on the animal species and size, Rompun can be administered parenterally via a number of routes - subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous or intraperitoneal.
Where possible, intravenous administration is the most rapid of these options and offers better control in achieving the desired effect.
The action of the alpha-2 agonist Rompun, as described above, provides the following clinical applications:


  • sedation
  • premedication for anaesthesia
  • injection anaesthesia, by itself for minor surgery, or in combination with other injectable or inhalant agents, for general anaesthesia
  • post-operative pain relief

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