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About Baytril in Poultry

The following pages contain technical information about the veterinary antimicrobial product Baytril 10% oral solution and its use in poultry.

In the section microbiology information is given regarding the mode of action and spectrum of activity of enrofloxacin. Furthermore updates dealing with the pharmacokinetics and the efficacy of this antimicrobial product in chickens and turkeys are  provided.

Several services are supplied, e.g.

  • how to calculate the dosage of Baytril ....
  • the principles of Good Veterinary Practice explained ...
  • ... and much more!

Finally, we hope that you will enjoy the recipe of the month. Perhaps you yourself have an original recipe for chicken or turkey? Please send it to us and we will be glad to offer it to the readers of these webpages...

Are you interested in concise information about Baytril?
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"The Right Choice against Respiratory Disease"
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