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About Baytril® in Pigs

The following pages contain technical information about the veterinary antimicrobial product Baytril (active ingredient: Enrofloxacin) and its use in pigs.

Please note that not every formulation may be available in your country. Not all the therapeutic uses described for a registered product may be authorized.

Consult the local Bayer product catalogue as well as the regulatory and technical information on available veterinary drugs in your country.

In the section entitled Microbiology, information is given regarding the mode of action and spectrum of activity of Enrofloxacin, as is an overview of the susceptibility to antimicrobials of the most important pathogens for pigs.

Here you will find information on the pharmacology of Baytril and details about Baytril´s efficacy in the most important pig diseases.

To find out which formulation will fit best into your treatment schedule, click under the heading for available informations of Baytril for pigs.

Safety and the responsible use of Baytril are important topics, on which we work permanently. See the section Product Stewardship.

Look for published papers on Baytril in the Literature Search area, and finally, enjoy the Recipe of the Month. Perhaps you yourself have an original recipe for pork? Please send it to us and we will be glad to offer it to the readers of these webpages...

Are you interested in concise information about Baytril?
Then please download the brochures below.

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"Enteric disease"
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"Respiratory disease"
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"Against MMA in sows"
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